Full Day Cao Dai Temple And Cuchi Tunnels From Hotel Inside Ho Chi Minh City Only

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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Head in the morning to Tay Ninh, where the Great Temple of the Cao Dai religion is located. This religion is exclusively found in Vietnam and a unique fusion of Western and Eastern philosophies and religions. Observe the strictly orchestrated, colourful ceremony at noon from the balconies in the cathedral. After lunch at a local restaurant, continue to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Originally dug as a base to organize guerrilla style actions against the French, the tunnels were expanded during the Indochina War to become a huge and ingenious underground network. There are more than 200 kilometers of subterraneous complex containing storage rooms, kitchens, hospitals, sleeping quarters and even schools.
Remark: We recommend that you wear walking shoes and take sunscreen lotion. Please note that your clothes may get a little dirty.