All in one day Pack: Visit to Phnom Oudong and Phnom Penh city tour

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Discover the ancient capital of Cambodia and see the top sights and attractions of the city historically known as the ‘pearl of Asia’, Phnom Penh, with this pack designed to get the most out of your getaway.

Visit Phnom Oudong

Phnom Oudong, the ancient capital of Cambodia is located within 40km northwest of Phnom Penh. The original name is Oudong Meanchey Oudong which means noble or excellent and Meanchey means victory. It is now the official resting place of the most sacred of Buddha's bones possessed by Cambodia. Upon their arrival, guests will climb up for 10-20 minutes from the base of the mountain to the top where they will be able to witness a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside such as rice fields and floodplains. The bone has had a new temple built top the mountain and is now the tallest one of three temples that exists there. For something completely different, guests should take a side trip to Prasat Nokor Vimean Sour, a concrete unduly ornate, semi-replica of Angkor Wat built in 1998.

Phnom Penh city tour

Explore Phnom Penh in the afternoon with this fantastic three-hour tour and learn all about the intriguing capital of Cambodia and its greatest treasures. See top sights and attractions of the city historically known as the ‘pearl of Asia’, including the Royal Palace, the National Museum and the beautiful Buddhist temple of Wat Phnom. This tour is a great introduction to Phnom Penh and its main landmarks.

Visit the vast Royal Palace complex, which encompasses a number of structures within a magnificent pagoda-style compound. An awe-inspiring sight, the throne room has a tiered roof topped by a 59-metre tower. Of particular note is the Silver Pagoda, the royal chapel, which is walled off in a separate enclosure. It takes its name from the 5,000 silver tiles that cover the floor of the main temple. Each tile is made from one kilo of silver.

Continue to the superb National Museum, which was designed by French archaeologist and painter George Groslier in 1917, and was constructed in a traditional Khmer style by Cambodian craftsmen. This compact museum has wealth of Khmer stone, bronze and wooden sculptures, and gives you a fascinating glimpse into Cambodian culture.

The final visit is to Wat Phnom, an imposing temple founded in 1373 and located on a small hill in the heart of the city. Legend has it that this marks the founding spot of Phnom Penh itself. Inside, you can view a bronze seated Buddha, superb murals and a large altar.

Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel's lobby in Phnom Penh city only

Duration: Visit to Phnom Oudong: 4 hours. Phnom Penh city tour: 3 hours.

Start/opening time: Visit to Phnom Oudong: At 8 am. Phnom Penh city tour: At 2pm.

End/closing time: Visit to Phnom Oudong: At 12pm. Phnom Penh city tour: At 5pm.