Full Day Mahout Training at Mae Tang Elephant Camp From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only

Informazioni generali

Chiang Mai, Thailandia

Il programma nel dettaglio

Visit at Mae Tang Elephant Camp. Firstly, you will watch elephant show; a chance for you to witness the amazing strength, skill and dexterity of the Asian elephant. Later Mahout training time; explaining about the elephant, learning to get on / get off the elephant, learning how to ride on the elephant / how to do making balance body on the elephant, trying to order the elephant by yourself and also enjoying playing with the lovely elephant. Lunch will be included. The Elephant will take a baht after your lunch time. After that you will ride on the elephant go up to the hill and look around how nice location around the hill is. Then the elephant will do mud bath & Spa to keep cool, make skin beautiful skin and also protect the insects bite in the night. Then return to the hotel.