Full Day Beng Melea And Koh Ker

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Siem Reap, Cambogia

Il programma nel dettaglio

Early morning at 07:00 hrs, we will leave to Koh Ker temple that is located in the head north-east from the west of Kulen National park and it will bring you deep into the Cambodian countryside and way back in time. From there it's 85 km to the small village of Seong, passing through some remote villages and a beautiful forest populated by deer. This monument consists of five brick towers in a row and it is a very unusual style. Picnic lunch will be served on the site. In the afternoon around 13:30 hrs., we back to Siem Reap with stop en route with bumpy road to visit the Beng Melea Temple that it is still lost in the jungle and almost forgotten by the local population. You will drive through the beautiful countryside. The little explored temple of Beng Mealea (12th c) is waiting to be rediscovered by the adventurous travelers. The sprawling jungle temple covering over one square kilometer is largely overrun by vegetation.