Sichuan Opera Appreciation Evening - Private

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Chengdu, КитайAttractions/Entertainment

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Tonight you will have a chance to know about Sichuan opera. The characteristics of Sichuan opera is the face changing, or "Bianlian" in Chinese, is an important intangible cultural heritage in China. Only a few masters have grasped this skill. They know how to change Sichuan opera masks in magically quick succession. As they flourish their arms and twist their heads, their painted masks change again and again and again.

As one of the oldest and most interesting opera forms in Southwestern China, Sichuan Opera is a perfect blend of local dialect along with the customs, folk music, and dances from other regions. It is known for three distinct features, Changing Faces, Spitting Fire, and Rolling Light. Changing Faces is a unique skill of Sichuan Opera, appearing almost magical to enthralled audiences. During the performance, the performers switch masks lightning fast to portray different characteristics and personalities of the characters.

Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at hotels in Chengdu city only.

Duration: 2 hours.

Start/opening time: Pick up at 7pm. Starts at 8pm.