Full Day Cham Island Discovery From Hotel Inside Danang City Only

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Da Nang, Вьетнам

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Cham Island is located 18 km from Cua Dai (Hoi An) to the East. It has 8 islands altogether named according to their shapes or characteristics. They are the Lao (pear), Dai (long), La (leave), Kho Con (small dry), Kho Me (large dry), Tai (ear), Mo (tomb) and Nom (east wind) islands. They have good climate and always cool the year round. Tree and wildlife are plentiful here as well as marine life. On the island, there are precious bird nets while under the water, the coral is marvellous. There are also scenic spots around the island such as Suoi Tinh, Suoi Ong, Hong Chong, Hang Ba. Surrounding the islands are very nice beaches with clean white sand and transparent, cool water. Register for the island visit at the Cua Dai Border then take a boat to a fishing village. Stroll along Chong Beach and swim or fish before a seafood lunch.