Half Day The City Of Champa Empire "My Son" From Hotel Inside Danang And Hoi An City Only

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Da Nang, Вьетнам

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My Son, is the former capital of the Kingdom of Champa and the site of Vietnam's most important Cham ruins. Your day will begin with an early morning drive from Danang through 60 km of rolling countryside, passing through small towns with markets. This is quite an adventurous trip, as you draw closer to My Son, the condition of the road begins to deteriorate and the last few kilometers of track are often rutted and potholed. When arriving at the My Son area, after crossing a bamboo "Monkey Bridge", you will transfer to a local jeep for the last spectacular 3 km ride along a river. Finally, a 500 m walk through lush hillsides before emerging at the main site. My Son was the Cham Kingdom's intellectual and religious city. The towers there date from the 9th through the 13th century. There were over 70 classic Cham monuments at My Son. Most of the temples in My Son were dedicated to Cham Kings and also served as a burial place for Cham monarchs. It is considered on the level of Angkor in Cambodia, Bagan in Myanmar and Ayuthaya in Thailand.