Full Day Tra Que Vegetable Village From Hotel Inside Danang City Only

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Da Nang, Вьетнам

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Ride a bicycle to a local farm in Tra Que village. Here you will have a brief introduction to the history as well as the many stages of planting vegetable and you will watch the gardening tools such as: hoes, shaves and buckets and see the different kinds and uses of vegetable in medicinal purposes. Then you will take a trip around the vegetable garden and join the farmers in preparing the land and fertilizing it with seaweed from the local lake. Continue doing some next steps, such as raking the ground, sowing, watering greens, transplanting and tending greens. The local farmer will teach you how to protect developing vegetable from the insects. Relax and soak your feet with a mix of local herbal remedy and Chinese traditional medicine in order to reduce your aches, rheumatism, etc. Prepare lunch with a local family. You will learn how to make “Tam Huu” spring roll and “Xeo” pancake and then you’ll enjoy it yourself. After the lunch, take a bit rest. Then you learn how to harvest and wrap the vegetables. After you’ll bid farewell to your host family, on the way back to Hoi An, you will stop at a Japanese tomb, built in 1665, of Mr Banjir, a Japanese businessman.