Circuito de 4 días por la Grecia clásica: Peloponeso y Meteora, en español


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4 дня и 3 ночи
Греция (Коринф, Эридаурос, Олимпия, Дельфи, Каламбака, Meteora)
Греция (Афины)


Dep: 08:00 - Ret: 19:00 (4th day) approx.

Pick up from your hotel in Athens city center. Please specify hotel name & address.

Important Notes:

1)  Entering to the Monasteries an appropriate dressing is needed, for ladies a skirt and for gentlemen long trousers. Normally we are visiting Great Meteoro and St. Stefanos Monasteries. 

2) We would like to inform you that according to Government’s law, from 1/1/2018 guests shall be required to pay directly to the hotel an “accommodation tax”, per overnight, per room. This tax goes directly to the state and the Hotel and/or travel agents have no interference. Hotel guests shall be requested to pay the accommodation tax directly to the hotel and is not included in our given rate.


Tourist Class (Scheduled Tour)
Полупансион (ужин) 3 звезды
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Class A (Scheduled Tour)
Полупансион (ужин) 4 звезды
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День На ночь Itinerary highlights
1 Олимпия   Афины - Your Athens city center hotel
  Коринф - Corinth Canal
2 Дельфи   Олимпия
3 Каламбака   Дельфи
4   Meteora

Accommodations provided in each place

МестоTourist ClassClass A
ОлимпияNeda or similarEuropa or similar
ДельфиHermes or similarAmalia or similar
КаламбакаOrfeas or similarGrand Meteora or similar