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Hanoi, VietnamPrivate Excursion

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Transfer from Hanoi to Sai Mountain admiring the beautiful lanscape of this part of Vietnam. Visit the Thay Pagoda, well-known as the "Pagoda of the Teacher" and dedicated to one of the most important holy teacher of Buddhism. The architecture represents the combination between Buddhism and Taoism. Built during the Ly Nhan Tong period (1072 - 1127), the pagoda is still today considered an holy place where people come to pray and where some Mahayana monks live. Visit of Thay Phuong Pagoda: the holy building is settled on the top of "Red Pug" Mountain and the name means "Pagoda of Western Holy World of
Buddha". It represents the real expression of the glory of Buddhism in Vietnam and it preserves 18 wooden scultures representing the disceples of Buddha. It is very precious for the architectural style and for its particular beauty. Back to Hanoi at midday. (Who is interested in Buddhism could visit the Lang Pagoda in Hanoi dedicated to the Teacher).