Terms and Conditions

to. These General Conditions contain the rules and principles of co-operation relating to the use of the Tourist Services booking website www.klikkahotel.com.
b. www.klikkahotel.com is a T & T Tour & Travel Srl website licensed holder A and B issued by the Tuscany Region, based in Florence, Viale dei Mille 28. VAT number 05183440485. Klikkahotel has signed the insurance policy for Insolvency Risk / Failure activated Ami Travel Protection:
Polizza nr. 10001429900190 Insurance Company Ami Travel protection.
c. These General Conditions define the conditions set by T & T Tour & Travel Srl (hereafter "Company") for the purchase by affiliated trade operators ("Affiliates") on the website www.klikkahotel.com ("Site"), of tourist services as defined below: The user of tourist products is hereinafter referred to as "Consumer".
d. The Site offers tourist services and any other products related to tourism, provided by Receptive Agencies, which must have been passed a quality control, and by Consolidators and Global Distributors who will henceforth be referred to as "Suppliers".
is. With each of the Suppliers authorized to sell on the Website, the Company has signed a brokerage, resale or distribution agreement. As a result of this agreement, the Company is delegated to the collection on behalf of the Suppliers of the amounts due by the Users authorized to sell services and tourist packages with registered offices or branches in Italy.
f. By registering with the portal and working on the reservations, you declare to be legally authorized, in the name and on behalf of the Affiliate, to operate on the Site taking on the duties and duties indicated in these General Conditions and in the Application Form, which must be completed in all its parts, signed by the legal representative and forwarded to the Company as per instructions given therein.
to. Registration is equivalent to a request for affiliation to the Site and requires acceptance of these General Conditions.
b. Registration is only permitted to Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, equipped with the necessary licenses according to law and based in Italy.
c. A User becomes an Affiliate when his access data is enabled to operate in the reserved areas of the site, dedicated only to Affiliates.
d. The Affiliate guarantees that the personal data and information provided during the registration are up to date, complete and truthful and undertakes to promptly notify the Company of any change in personal data at any time communicated. The Affiliate authorizes the Company to carry out checks on the veracity of the personal data and other information provided and undertakes to cooperate for the successful completion of these checks.
is. At the time of registration, the Affiliate must at the same time give his consent to these "General Conditions" and confirm the acknowledgment of the criteria for the processing of Personal Data contained in the "Privacy Policy".
f. Registration does not imply acceptance of the affiliation request by the Company, which reserves the right to enable or disable the access codes at its sole discretion.
g. The Affiliate is held responsible for the access codes, which have been assigned to him or which he has independently created, as well as for all the activities that may arise from the use of debt or undue of these by third parties.
h. The Affiliate is held solely responsible for all bookings made through his access data. The Affiliate therefore has full financial responsibility for bookings made through the access code assigned to him.
to. The Affiliate may access the Site and use the functionalities present therein for commercial purposes, but he is not allowed to modify, reuse, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, license, create works derived from, yield or sell, or otherwise use for any commercial purposes not approved, any information, software, product or service obtained and / or made available through the Site.
b. Furthermore, the Affiliate is not allowed to access, monitor or copy any content or information on this Website using a robot, spider, scraper or other automated tool, or any other manual process for any purpose without express written authorization of the Company
c. The content and information of this Website as well as the infrastructure used to provide such content and information is owned by the Company, its Suppliers and its IT providers
to. Prices are shown in EURO and, unless otherwise specified, always included in tax and valid for Italian citizens only. Government tourist taxes to be paid directly in the Hotel are always an exception.
b. The quotas are considered definitive upon confirmation. Suppliers reserve the right to change the price for confirmation that has already occurred only in the case of changes in taxes, VAT, exchange rates related to exhibition periods, fuel adjustment or other conditions not dependent on their work, such as by way of example the nationality of the Consumer . The Company reserves the same right only for the practices not yet settled, for variations of over +/- 3% of the exchange rates with respect to the day of confirmation.
c. During the periods of fair and very high season prices may be very close to the official hotel rates. In order to avoid any disputes, it is suggested to inform the Consumer that the price paid may sometimes be higher than the one displayed at the hotel.
d. In the information fields of the services and during the booking procedure sometimes it may be indicated gifts offered, surcharges to be paid on the spot, Terms to Conditions, such as by way of example and not limitations, specifications, information related to the available languages, extraordinary changes concerning the meta and also the modalities of meeting. The Affiliate is therefore requested to read carefully any notes on the site and in the confirmation documents received via email as well as the Regulations for passengers (Hotels, Apartments, Car Rental, Tours). The lack of knowledge or communication of these rights and obligations to Consumers can never be attributed to the Company.
is. The Company reserves the right to check from time to time any cases of reservations whose total amount does not take into account or incorrectly apply what any notes declare. To report a similar case, open an alert through the Support Center.
to. Within the Site, both "Tour packages" and "Individual services" can be booked and purchased.
b. Tour packages are "all products that have as their object travel, holidays and all-inclusive circuits, resulting from the pre-established combination of at least two of the following elements, sold or offered for sale at a lump-sum price, and longer than twenty-four hours or including at least one night: a) transport; b) accommodation; c) tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation that have a certain relevance in relation to the whole package ". All bookings for tourist packages, purchased through the Website, are governed by the Sale Package for tourist packages approved by ASTOI including the Company's Technical Sheet.
c. A practice consisting of several individual services freely booked by the Affiliate can never be considered as the purchase of a tourist package.
d. The Affiliate is fully responsible for the financial charges related to the bookings made through the Site and those carried out by third-party Clients within his site, if interfaced with our database.
is. By booking services highlighted as unconfirmable online (ON REQUEST) you agree to send a binding request for these services to the Suppliers involved.
f. All requests reported by the Consumer through the appropriate fields at the time of confirmation are to be considered as on request and if the payment of an extra is not regulated can not be included as part of the services purchased, even when / if confirmed free.
g. In some cases, selecting a double or twin room during the booking process is equivalent to booking a room by sending a report on the number of beds requested. The Company being unable to define a priori whether the preference is a simple indication or not invites all the Affiliates to always consider such reports as on request.
h. Reservations are accepted by the Company on the basis of the "Good Faith"; will therefore not be allowed to block spaces to be resold later, under penalty of cancellation or to make clear booking tests, otherwise the account will be blocked.
the. Reservations can only be completed if they include at least one Consumer over the age of 18. You must be at least 21 years old to check in at Las Vegas hotels.
j. The Company reserves any action to protect its rights against those who make false or made reservations for the purpose of damaging the Site or the Company itself.
k. With the online confirmation of each order, the applicant will authorize the transmission of the personal data of the Customers to the Suppliers. For more information see the Privacy Policy. The Company reserves the right to refuse a reservation in case the applicant does not provide all the data required to access the service offered, in case of malfunction of the electronic systems or the operating software or if there are any inaccuracies related to the display of product information, not depending on the will of the Company.
m. The Affiliate is fully responsible for the bookings he makes for which he is required to carefully read the descriptions and conditions of all the services, as well as to request any additional information he deems necessary before committing himself to booking tourism services on the portal. .
n. In case of booking a stay with one or more children, unless otherwise indicated, a child always shares the bed with adults.reservation if the applicant does not provide all the data required to access the service offered, in case of malfunction of the electronic systems or operating software or if there are any inaccuracies related to the exposure of product information, not dependent from the will of the Company.m. The Affiliate is fully responsible for the bookings he makes for which he is required to carefully read the descriptions and conditions of all the services, as well as to request any additional information he deems necessary before committing himself to booking tourism services on the portal. .n. In case of booking a stay with one or more children, unless otherwise indicated, a child always shares the bed with adults
Unless otherwise specified, the prices displayed in Hotels are for Individual Customers, up to a maximum of 9 Consumers per practice.b. Abuses will not be accepted, such as splitting groups into multiple bookings. In the event that the Supplier notices different practices with identical characteristics (dates, destinations and hotels) belonging to a group, he reserves the right to cancel them or change the cancellation conditions, penalties and payment terms by applying those concerning groups. . Prices displayed using the interactive tools on the Site to manage group quotations must be considered purely indicative until confirmed by the Supplier.
The payment methods are indicated in the shopping cart and may vary depending on the services booked or when you are booking, but they can never be changed by the Supplier or the Company after the final confirmation of the service.b. All confirmed practices must be settled before the Consumer leaves, unless otherwise agreed in writing and approved between the Company and the Affiliate. If a payment is not received by the date communicated, the Company reserves the right to cancel the practices involved. For all payments by credit card, the user will be redirected to the secure site of one of the banking institutions with which the Company works.
The services do not include any Travel Insurance. It is strongly recommended to have all Passengers sign a Travel Insurance that provides medical coverage and cancellation. Following bookings relating to the Travel Package, the Affiliate undertakes to propose and purchase on behalf of the Consumer, according to the requirements of the law and the criteria of professional diligence, adequate insurance coverage for Consumers.
The e-mail delivery of the voucher takes place after the Affiliate has made or guaranteed payment of the services of a file. From that moment it is also possible to print the travel documents inside the Site.b. It is recommended to always deliver the vouchers to all the reserved services to the Consumer and to remind Consumers that in some cases the last service providers may not allow the use of the same in the absence of a valid voucher. In some cases, the voucher sent automatically by the Site may need to be replaced with a different voucher or with a travel document produced by the Supplier. In such cases the booking department will promptly contact the Affiliate to inform him about any re-issues or methods of delivery of final travel documents on the spot.
a. Modifications are taken into consideration and accepted only if sent electronically through the tools present on the Site.
b. In the event of a change request, the Company will proceed immediately to carry out a quotation of the exchange rate, if this possibility is precluded to the Affiliate. If the change does not involve changes in the rate for the Affiliate or if a quote is accepted, the practice and possibly the amount of the service will be modified accordingly by the Supplier.
c. In some cases, requesting the modification of a practice may require the Affiliate to pay administrative or administrative expenses incurred up to a maximum of 10% of the total cost of the modified service, however always quantifiable in no more than 35 EURO. This charge must in any case be communicated to the Affiliate in advance of the execution of the changes.
d. Modifying a booking hotel, most of the times, involves the Supplier's obligation to regulate the services. Furthermore, for some modifications, Suppliers may be forced to apply penalties, which must be communicated when quoting the exchange requested.
is. In some cases it is easier and faster for the Affiliate to redeem the search engines of the Site, rebook and then cancel the services to be modified, which are not already in criminal. The Company encourages this practice only when the changes are obvious (Eg: the change of the total number of nights or the change of room type) or not otherwise comparable (eg: change of name not possible or tariff with penalty), in all other cases do not recommend it and invite the Affiliates to use the site modification tools.
The conditions applied in case of missed arrivals (no-show) are always indicated on the site and are freely set by the individual suppliers. If not indicated, the first cancellation penalty applicable for the service is valid, compared to the departure date.
 Even if the Supplier communicates in writing that no charge will ever be presented to the Company, we reserve the right to apply a penalty equal to one night in defense of our and your work.
 If the Consumer were to appear in a period subsequent to the one booked and the date error is attributable to the Affiliate, the penalties for the no show will be charged and an invoice will be issued for the new stay.
to. Except for specific agreements between the Company and the Affiliate, all refunds, deriving from cancellations or modifications, are always made to the Affiliate, who must then in turn transfer the amount to the Consumer.
b. For all refunds due following cancellations or changes made by the Affiliate, the bank charges incurred by the Company must be deducted from the amount to be re-debited, limited to the amount to be repaid.
c. If the Affiliate or a Consumer cancels a service directly to the Forniore, in order to obtain the reimbursement must produce written documentation that allows to establish the date of cancellation, name and surname of the employee of the hotel or of the company that received it. and a written confirmation from the supplier of cancellation and availability to make a refund. The lack of such documentation will not allow any reimbursement.
d. If a Consumer leaves the hotel before the scheduled date and if the hotel confirms a reduction, the practice is updated and the difference will be paid as soon as possible by subtracting the administrative costs incurred, however always quantifiable in no more than 35 EURO. We strongly suggest that the consumer concerned, before leaving the hotel, requires a written declaration to the same that certifies the exact date on which he has finished his stay and his willingness to reimburse for any complaints that may be necessary.
to. Under no circumstances is it permitted to disclose the prices, terms and conditions published by us on the site, except to personnel of your company. We reserve the right to terminate the relationship of collaboration, with the consequent cancellation of your current practices, if we were to recognize an incorrect use of such data.
to. With the exception of tourist packages, for which the contract for the sale of tourist packages approved by ASTOI is applied, including the company's technical sheet, the company acts as an intermediary and is required to provide the consumer assistance measures imposed by the criterion of professional diligence exclusively in reference to the obligations at their own expense by law or contract, but can be considered exonerated from their responsibilities, when the failure or incorrect execution of the contract is imputable to the Consumer or to the Affiliate. It can also be considered exonerated in cases of violence, unrest, riots, terrorist acts, revolutions, strikes, boycotts, embargoes, actions by public authorities such as governmental organizations or others, natural disasters or other possible situations and conditions that can not be imputable to the Company as acts of negligence.
b. The Company, the Suppliers and the Affiliate are obliged to work promptly in order to give due assistance to the consumer and always allow him to continue the journey, except in any case the right to compensation for damages in the event that the inaccurate fulfillment of the contract and to the latter imputable
to. All information relating to services booked (displayed on the Site or present on travel documents issued by the system) including, without limitation, logos, images of the structures, rooms, activities or destinations, materials, texts, conditions and prices, are supplied directly by the Suppliers. Such contents are normally accurate and inserted in good faith, however the Company can not be held responsible towards anyone if they are incorrect or incomplete (example: if the nomenclature of a room does not correspond to the image shown for that type of room).
b. If the Affiliate discloses information within the Site and travel documents, which could be untrue, the Company's responsibility is limited to timely action to request the modification of such data to the Supplier who supplied them and eventually to disable the service reported so that it can no longer be searched and sold by Affiliates.
c. The Site is available in the form and in the manner in which it appears at the time of use.
d. The Affiliate assumes all the responsibilities and risks associated with the use of this site.
is. The Company declines all responsibility for any direct or indirect loss resulting from the use of the information contained in this site, except in case of death or personal damage resulting from a fact or omission
f. During the journey, whether it is a Tourist Package or a Single Service, the Consumer must be provided with all the valid identity documents for the expatriation for all the countries affected by the itinerary, as well as transit visas, transit visas and any health obligations that may be required. According to current legislation, consumers must provide, before departure, to verify the above by contacting the Competent Authorities (http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/). The Company is not responsible for any misunderstandings occurred during the trip as a result of lack of information from the Consumer.
g. The Company is not responsible in any case for the incorrect insertion of personal data of Consumers carried out during the purchase process. The user is therefore responsible for the consequences deriving from their incorrect insertion.
h. The Company does not suggest or recommend in particular any overnight stay or service, at most it limits itself to highlighting special offers or new services offered.
the. The content of this site, taken care of very carefully, remains subject to change at any time and without notice.
to. The Affiliation has an annual duration and is automatically renewed.
b. If the Affiliate intends to withdraw his affiliation to the Site, he may do so at any time, within a maximum of 30 days from the expiration date, by writing to the email assistance@travelpartners.it or by contacting the Company through the Support Center in the Site. It is understood that the Affiliate who intends to withdraw is obliged to close any fee resulting from practices created, either before or after the sending of the cancellation notice, until the access codes are activated.
c. The termination of the Affiliation does not imply the conclusion of any direct or indirect contracts stipulated with Suppliers of the Website.
d. The Company reserves the right to disable the access codes and then terminate the Affiliate relationship at any time without having to send any communication to the Affiliate and without having to specify the reasons for it, if this has already been recalled at least twice in writing for failure to comply with these General Conditions or the commercial agreement signed with the Form of Acceptance or Renewal.
to. Any kind of complaint about one or more services that make up the trip must be brought, exclusively during the period of stay, to the direct attention of the Service and / or Service Provider (hotel, guide, etc ..) whose references are shown on the voucher.
b. In the event that, after having contacted the Assistance and / or the Supplier, a dispute has not been satisfactorily resolved for the Consumer, the situation must be, always during the period of stay, brought to the attention of the Company that is obliged to work to resolve it.
c. No claim will have followed if even one of the two previous obligations has not been fulfilled by the Consumer or in his place by the Affiliate.
d. At the end of a service the Affiliate on his behalf or on behalf of the Consumer may forward any claim that is necessary according to his judgment by sending a support ticket and / or a registered letter, with acknowledgment of receipt, within and no later than ten working days from the date of return of the Consumer to the place of departure. In the case of a recommendation, this must be sent to: T&T TOUR&TRAVEL SRL - VIALE DEI MILLE 28 50131 FIRENZE
is. The acceptance of a dispute does not suspend payment of expiring practices by the Affiliate unless otherwise specified by the Company.
f. Direct claims by customers are accepted only if the services purchased include at least one tourist package.
g. No claim will be accepted in relation to discounted rates or part of a promotion of the supplier (hotel or other) known after booking. Such offers may not have been communicated or not covered by the agreements made by the Company with its suppliers.
h. The conditions expressed on this website are subject to Italian law. For any controversy that involves this website, the Court of Genoa will have exclusive jurisdiction.
to. For your protection, the Company does not accept direct communications with customers, whether by telephone, fax or e-mail. We will promptly notify you if this happens
to. The Company reserves the right to change these general conditions at any time and sent the Affiliate to view it regularly on the site before using the services.
Mandatory communication pursuant to art. 16 of 269/98.
Italian law punishes crimes related to prostitution and child pornography with imprisonment, even if they are committed abroad.