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Pakxe, Lao People's Democratic Republic3 hours

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Transfer to Champasak on the right side of the Mekong. At 8 km from the town it is rising a mountain 1416 meters high and ending with a shape resembling a sacred linga . It is an ancient place of cult of the mountain genius and of the spirit of the water, it was chosen around the VI century by the Khmer of the Cenla reign to build a temple in honor of Shiva . They call it Vat Phu, the Temple [ Vat] of the mountain [Phu=Phnom]. The Emperors of Angkor considered it their “dynastic temple”. Jayavarman IV started the works during the first half of X century and today we still see the vestiges of the past , A “sacred road” 800 meters long goes from the artificial basin of
180 per 600 meters, passing between two big sanctuaries with rectangular base, till the top. In the past a sacred gold linga was placed in the temple which stands at the top, 70 meters higher than the plain. The visit of the site is a discovery of statues or huge bass-reliefs carved in the rock and surrounded by a wild nature