Cantinas Tour

General information

Mexico City, Mexico

Program details

Our historian tell you the stories each of the visited Cantinas (old traditional bars), he tell you the facts and historical events that happening in each of them, as well as the important people who used to visit those places.

First, we’ll visit the museum cantina called La Faena. This Cantina is decorated with spanish influence and was one of the most popular cantinas in the first half of XX century. La faena is an old bullfighting museum with pictures of grazing bulls and brave men facing them. There is some showcases with bullfighters suites and related objects.

Later, we’ll continue our walk in the downtown streets until arrive at Venustiano Carranza and Bolivar corner. In this place we’ll visit one of the oldest cantina in the city, this is called El gallo de oro, this cantina was founded in XIX century. In El gallo de Oro we’ll have a buffet lunch where we’ll can taste delicious food and take a drink (drinks are not included).

After the lunch we’ll continue our tour walking to the Montañesa Cantina, this is an old traditional cantina located in Palma Street. Finally we’ll visit the Cantina called La casa de las sirenas, this cantina is inside a beautiful building behind the Behind the catedral.

Duration: 5 hours.

Start/opening time: At 1pm.

End/closing time: At 6pm

Drop-off location: Calle República de Guatemala 32, Downtown, Mexico City.

Opening days/period: On Saturdays.

Languages: Spanish.